Over one hundred and twenty five arbitrations, including claims for:

  • breach of contract, fraud by acquiring technology company based on reps and warranties in acquisition agreement/counterclaims for indemnification and wrongful termination by acquired company’s CEO
  • trade secret theft/breach of fiduciary duty by financial services company against former CEO/ counterclaims for ERISA violations, breach of severance agreement
  • recession based on fraud and misrepresentation by lead bank in multi-million dollar real estate syndicate
  • fraud and violation of exclusive license agreement by acquiring technology company
  • fraud and breach of fiduciary duty based on expulsion of founding, minority member from closely held partnership/counterclaims for fraud, misappropriation of funds
  • breach of contract in failure to perform pursuant to a contract for software services
  • breach of medical devices license agreement for failure to pay royalties
  • breach of contract brought by technology company against supplier for failure to perform/counterclaims for failure to pay
  • fraud and misrepresentation arising from acquisition in cannabis industry.

Discovery referee in medical devices dispute involving substantial e-discovery.

As commercial litigator, specialized in commercial and securities cases in both federal and state court.

As General Counsel, led legal work in three major corporate acquisitions.

Deep knowledge of technology and financial services sectors.