Over one hundred and twenty arbitrations, including:

Commercial claims:

  • Brought by public company against acquired company for misrepresentation and breach of representations and warranties in asset purchase agreement
  • Brought by majority partners against minority partner for breach of contract 
  • Brought by bank syndicate member for rescission, fraud, and breach of contract based on the failure of a syndicated real estate development
  • Brought by tech company against software developer for failure to comply with services agreement
  • Brought by patent holder for failure to pay royalties
  • Brought by tech company against former joint venturer for breach of contract and trade secret theft
  • Against licensee, for fraud and breach of contract, in a cannabis industry dispute
  • Brought by acquiring company to rescind transaction based on fraud and misrepresentation

Investment claims:

  • Against investment adviser for placement in unsuitable investments
  • By minority shareholder in investment management company for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty
  • By investor against adviser for failure to mitigate losses in wake of 2008 market crash

Employment claims:

  • Brought by and against terminated CEO for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and trade secret theft
  • Brought by terminated executive for breach of contract following acquisition of his company
  • For disability discrimination, retaliation and failure to comply with FMLA and CFRA
  • For age discrimination brought by executive terminated for alleged sexual harassment
  • For retaliatory termination based on whistleblowing activity
  • Violations of the California Labor Code and the FLSA relating to meals, rest breaks and overtime
  • Violations of California Labor Code for failure to protect an employee against violence
  • For fraudulent inducement of an employment contract
  • For sex discrimination in promotion and termination decisions
  • For sexual orientation discrimination
  • For sexual harassment
  • For racial and age discrimination arising from layoffs at public company